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Bonga ‘Ricco’ Luthuli / Rapper / Singer / Producer

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Bonga Luthuli, popularly known as Ricco, is a talented rapper, singer and producer. This combination has been rarely seen in the South African music industry. Ricco was born on the 22 January 1994 in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga. Ricco’s life has always been influenced by music. Music was a gravitational force in his childhood, as it was at the centre of his family’s life. Music further played an influential role in the person Ricco developed into and how he conducted himself on the dusty streets of Lekazi, a Nelspruit township where he grew up. Ricco credits his mother as his single biggest influence. His mother is a talented who was a lead singer in the church choir, where Ricco used to watch her in awe and amazement.

Ricco’s own musical career saw the first seeds planted when he moved to Kamagugu, another township in the Nelspruit, in 2000. Here, he took an interest in the production side of music. A friend taught him, popular music production software, Fruity Loops. He and this friend went on to form a duo called “The Untouchables” back in 2010.

In 2011, Ricco made the intimidating decision to pursue a professional music career. He was spurred on by the desire to have masses of people have access to his music, and by extension, his soul. His first port of call was to form another group with a different friend called KOG or Kings of Glory. In 2013 Ricco was recruited by a Nelspruit record label but later left the label due to the difference in vision from either party.

Ricco had a couple of decisions to make with regards to his career, which at the time felt like it was stalling. After consultation with friends, family and his most trusted confidant, his mother, he decided to make the biggest decision of his life. In 2015 he moved to Johannesburg to pursue his musical career with nothing but hopes and dreams in tow. Here he met founder and artist of Rokkzar Records, MajikZar. The two quickly hit it off and started making music together. They are currently working on music for Ricco’s upcoming project. 2016 will see Ricco release a mixtape later in the year. Ricco style of music which many that have had the opportunity of listening to have described it as “the next big thing”. As such Ricco will release a couple of singles and videos for television and radio, which will take the South African music industry by storm.